The President of Congo-Brazzaville, Denis Sassou Nguesso, says that the year 2023 would be the "road of peace" for Libya, as he referred to a set of general conditions for the success of the Libyan national reconciliation conference.

Nguesso, who chairs the African Union High-Level Commission on Resolving the Crisis in Libya, hoped that a national reconciliation conference, which his country will soon host to bridge the rift between Libyans, would yield the desired results.

Addressing a group of ambassadors and heads of diplomatic and consular missions in Brazzaville on Thursday, the Congolese President said the conference would not achieve its goals unless "its comprehensive essence, constructive scope, and consensus" remains preserved without conditions.

"This brotherly country will finally find, in the year 2023, the path of peace, which passes through general, free, and transparent elections and the formation of one government."

He revealed that a "decisive" meeting of the UN Standing Advisory Committee would take place from January 12 to 16 on security issues in Central Africa.

The Congolese Foreign Minister Jean-Claude Gakosso, whose country chairs the high-level African Commission on Libya, is likely to represent the African Union at the preparatory national reconciliation conference, which will kick off in Tripoli on 8 January under the auspices of Libya's Presidential Council.