The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj has lashed out at countries conspiring on Libya and supporting Khalifa Haftar's offensive on Tripoli, saying "their sons who are fighting for Haftar will be returned in coffins along with their ID papers."

He added that the Libyan Foreign Ministry will coordinate with relevant authorities to implement this procedure, according to a statement on Monday, hailing the victories of Libyan Army forces as part of Operation Peace Storm against Haftar's forces.

"Your armored vehicles have turned to ashes and the rest are under our control to be put later at the war museum to remind the world of your malicious acts against Libyans. Libyans will hold you accountable for the ammunition and weapons as well as aircraft used to kill our sons." Al-Sarraj said referring to the countries supporting Haftar.

He said their plot to hinder the success of Operation Peace Storm by attacking Abu Grein on Sunday had failed as GNA forces seized Monday the "abducted cities of Surman and Sabratha", saying "GNA forces had taught Haftar's forces a lesson in defending the nation in Abu Grein against the countries that "show loyalty in the morning and plot against us at night".

"We will continue to fight until we control the entire country to allow all the displaced to return home and we will never forget those who helped or forgive those who stabbed us in the back." Al-Sarraj remarked.