The Presidential Council (PC) member, Ammari Zayed, has expressed his reservations regarding the issues discussed at talks in Bouznika, Geneva, and others.

Ammari Zayed told the Arabi 21 website that he was surprised by inviting representatives of Tobruk Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh in the dialogue sessions.

"He was the one who rejected the political agreement in the first place, and obstructed the implementation of its provisions," Ammari Zayed said, considering Aqila as no less dangerous than Haftar, as he was the one who "legalized the aggression and was a cause of the suffering of Libyans," as he put it.

"It would have been more appropriate at this stage to consolidate the domestic front at the political and military levels and to engage the political elites in our camp to develop a road map that represents the stream that won the battle," he added.