Hundreds of protesters gathered on Sunday evening at the Martyrs Square in Tripoli, to protest the endemic corruption in the state, demanding accountability and the dismissal of those responsible.

At the same time, a massive demonstration took place in Misurata, in support of the demands of those in Tripoli, stressing the need to punish the corrupt and improve living conditions.

The crowd of demonstrators in Tripoli raised banners calling for a referendum on the constitution and an end to the transitional stages.

The slogans raised included demands for the dismantling of the country's ruling class and holding legislative and presidential elections on a constitutional basis.

However, riots broke out at the end of the demonstration in Tripoli as a group described to be "thugs" took advantage of the gathering and began chanting slogans in support of the former Gaddafi's regime.

They reportedly attacked journalists of the Libyan Al-Ahrar TV channel, while videos and images posted on social media showed them destroying public and private property.

In light of this shift in events, clashes took place between security men and some armed rioters, which resulted in the injury of at least one person, while a source close to the Tripoli Protection Force has confirmed the arrest of some rioters on the background of the violent acts that took place yesterday.