The Chairman of the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanallah, commented on receiving the Anti-Corruption Champion Medal by saying he was very honored to win the transparency and anti-corruption award presented by the administration of the US President Joe Biden.

"We have worked hard during the past period to establish the principle of transparency by disclosing every dirham of oil, gas and oil derivatives revenues to the Libyan people, and we have also worked to combat corruption and fight the corrupt wherever they are." Sanallah added in a statement Wednesday.

He added that corruption threatens the security and stability of states, hinders their economic growth, undermines democracy and human rights, destroys trust in public institutions, facilitates cross-border crime, and drains the resources and savings of states for groups, while people of nations remain below the poverty line, gifting the award to all workers of the oil and gas sector.

On Tuesday afternoon via a virtual meeting, the US Ambassador to Libya Richard Norland awarded the 'Anti-Corruption Champion Medal' to Sanallah.

"It's worth noting that Eng. Mustafa Sanalla is one of 12 individuals from all over the world who have been honored by the Foreign Minister for their work as "heroes fighting against corruption". NOC said.