The Antiquities Authority has reported attempts to steal artifacts from an unexplored archaeological site south of Tripoli.

A technical and security committee has been formed in coordination with the security authorities to protect the site and assess the damage caused, the Antiquities Authority confirmed on Facebook.

A local farmer from the area who fled his home during the war contacted the authorities after noticing some unearthing work on his farm.

According to the committee, the vandals carried out the excavating during the recent war waged against Tripoli, taking advantage of the insecurity and the displacement of the population in the area.

The Antiquities Authority sounded the alarm about the continuing of such "criminal acts" against Libyan heritage, in light of the lack of appropriate financial and logistical capacity support for the relevant authorities.

"The tampering with our cultural heritage will not stop except for the solidarity of all state security agencies and civil society institutions," The Antiquities Authority said.