The antiquities authorities of the eastern region have denounced the ongoing vandalism acts against antiquity sites, the latest of which was the looting and vandalism of Jason Magnus Villa in Shahhat of Cyrene region eastern Libya.

"The Jason Magnus Villa, which is considered one of the archaeological sites in Libya, was subjected to acts of vandalism and looting," a statement by the antiquities authority confirmed on Facebook.

The statement appealed to the competent authorities, the Tourist Police and the Municipal Guard, to assume their responsibilities and protect the Libyan cultural heritage.

"A cover that was installed on the roof to protect the villa was removed, the walls were covered with scribbling and writing, besides junk and litter was all around the place," the statement explained.

Meanwhile, the Antiquities Authority of the Government of National Accord has expressed to The Libya Observer their profound revulsion of such act.

"The cultural heritage of Libya belongs to all Libyans, and we will contact the archaeological authorities in eastern Libya to explore and discuss the issue. 

It is worth noting that the Jason Magnus Villa was the home of Tiberius Claudius, a high Roman priest, and magistrate who lived at the end of the 2nd century AD. He was also a former fleet captain for Julius Caesar.