Tripoli's Red Castle (Assai al-Hamra) hosted an international symposium sponsored by the Antiquities Authority and the Italian Embassy in Libya.

The two-day seminar targeted Italian archaeological missions that have been working with the Antiquities Authority for over 30 years, providing archaeological cooperation and training.

The event marked the 110th anniversary of cooperation in the field of antiquities between Libya and Italy, spanning from 1913 to 2023.

Among the activities was a presentation that highlighted the efforts of archaeological missions in Libya, as well as the obstacles that hinder their work.

In conclusion, the participants outlined several recommendations, including establishing two restoration laboratories in each of the Leptis Antiquities Monitoring and the Shahat Antiquities Monitoring to train local personnel in the restoration of archaeological sites.

They also agreed on the need to provide financial support for the relevant missions, enabling them to fulfil their obligations in their areas of work, including resuming their work that has been suspended for a decade.