Libyan Antiquities Authority said the "Capitoline Wolf" statue that was seized in Al-Asabaa town is a statue different from the one that was at Al-Saraya Al-Hamra in Tripoli, refuting the news that said security apparatuses had retrieved the stolen statue.

The authority added that it still keeps the statue in storage sites and it was not stolen from the Saraya al-Hamra Museum, pointing out that there are clear differences between the two versions that cannot be mistaken by specialists and those familiar with the technical and historical aspects.

The Authority said that one of its experts inspected this artifact immediately after the notification was received, and a scientific report was prepared in this regard denying all the stories that were told about this case, and indicating that it is following it up with the competent security authorities, avoiding publishing the news until the ongoing investigations in this regard are completed.

The Authority called on news websites and social media to be professional and ensure the authenticity of the published news by communicating with the competent authorities.

The Stabilization Support Service had announced the seizure and recovery of the stolen artifact "The Lupus Capitolina" in the city of Al-Asaba, in a process that took place under the supervision of the Attorney General's Office, the Director of the North Tripoli Prosecution Office, the Director of the Gharyan Prosecution Office, and the Director of the Al-Asaba Partial Prosecution Office.

The Libyan Stability Support Apparatus of the Presidential Council announced Tuesday the recovery of the "Capitoline Wolf" [Lupa Capitoline (in Italian)] a valuable artifact that was stolen from the Saraya Al-Hamra Museum in a security operation in Al-Asabaa area under the supervision of the Attorney General's Office.