The Libyan Stability Support Apparatus of the Presidential Council announced the recovery of the "Capitoline Wolf" [Lupa Capitoline (in Italian)] a valuable artifact that was stolen from the Saraya Al-Hamra Museum in a security operation in Al-Asabaa area under the supervision of the Attorney General's Office.

The Stability Support Apparatus confirmed that the members of the Western Bureau of Investigation of the Apparatus made an ambush with the participation of the Apparatus's office in Nesma and Gharyan, and raided a place in the Al-Asabaa area, where they found the artifact, indicating that the suspect fled due to the difficult geographical nature of the region.

The Apparatus said on its Facebook page that the operation took place under the supervision of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Director of the North Tripoli Prosecution Office, and the Director of the Gharyan, Al-Asaba District Public Prosecution Office, and with direct follow-up from the Agency’s Affairs Office, stressing that legal measures were taken regarding the incident and the transfer of the seized artifact to the Public Prosecution.

This artifact is a statue of the "Capitoline Wolf" representing the emblem of Rome. According to Roman legend, the "Lupa" breastfed the twins Romulus and Remus, who founded Rome in 753 BC.

The Apparatus said the artifact was located on one of the two obelisks in front of the Saraya Al-Hamra Museum in Tripoli. It was removed from the obelisk in 1963 and placed in the museum before it was stolen.