The UN envoy, Abdoulaye Bathily, said it was unfortunate that those who lead Libya today are clinging to their positions and benefiting from the existing situation at the expense of the Libyan people, adding in a statement to Al-Hadath TV that the House of Representatives and the High Council of State must realize that their time has ended and that they must create a political situation that allows for change and address the current political situation.

Bathily added that members of the two councils are slow in finding a solution and say that Gaddafi remained in power for more than 42 years, while today they have been in power for 10 years.

He pointed out that the only solution that can bring security and prosperity to Libya, and which the Libyans aspire to, is the formation of a new, unified government that represents all the regions, not a government that sides with a specific camp, region, or family, west or east, but rather a government for all Libyans.

He also warned against forming a government similar to the previous government of Fathi Bashagha, saying that the formation of the House of Representatives alone for this government increased the intensity of the conflict and division, and that it did not serve the interests of Libyans.

"It is no longer acceptable today for any party to stipulate its own continuation of positions of power because that would fuel the conflict or ignite war, and it is unfortunate to say that this possibility is no longer excluded in Libya today,” Bathily said, stressing the necessity of forming a new government.

The UN envoy added that the continuation of the current divisions threatens Libya’s unity and stability, and it is in the interest of Libyans, neighboring countries, and the region that this does not happen, calling on regional and international actors to urge the Libyan parties to assume their responsibilities and be courageous in order to go to the elections.

Regarding the situation in Derna, which was subjected to the flood disaster, Bathily said that this tragedy left thousands of victims and residents and they are still waiting for the reconstruction of their city on transparent and fair foundations, but the situation is not like that today and that has not been achieved yet.