The UN Special Envoy to Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, has warned that the meeting of members of the House of Representatives and the High Council of State in Tunis is not a substitute for a broader dialogue with greater participation and a more comprehensive agenda.

In a message addressed to the participants in Tunis, Bathily cautioned of the "catastrophic consequences" of unilateral initiatives seeking to create new institutions without the cooperation and consent of all stakeholders. 

He noted that he is aware of the different opinions on the Tunis meeting, some supporting it, others sceptical, and others obstructing it.

The UN official stressed the need to bring all key stakeholders together to solve the contentious issues hindering the electoral process. He considered that the Tunis meeting does not meet this ambition due to its bilateral nature and the reservations expressed by some parties.

Bathily reaffirmed that the UN Mission supports all initiatives to bridge the gap between the Libyan parties, noting that the Mission is also aware of the risks associated with reproducing solutions that are only acceptable to some, as "they ultimately prove unimplementable."

Bathily added that unilateral initiatives have led to indescribable chaos and tragic loss of life, stressing the need to commit to never repeating such a scenario in the future. He further affirmed that he would never support any course of action that would lead to further loss of life in Libya.