The Head of the Libyan Al-Wattan Political Party Abdelhakim Belhaj said the UAE, France and Egypt are hindering the political solution to the Libyan crisis.

Belhaj told Qatar-based Al-Sharq newspaper on Tuesday that he calls on Egypt to be wise and showcase its concern for keeping the joint relations with Libya.

"The negative role of the UAE in Libya has been displayed by the arms ban committee of the UN, which said that the UAE was trying to destabilize Libya." Belhaj remarked.

He also said that Qatar is a supporter for the political solution in Libya and for transferring armed groups from the field to the political scene.

"The situation in Libya is complex and need real initiatives by Libyans and this can only happen if all parties agreed to build state institutions before elections." Belhaj added.

He also said that his party's vision to resolve the crisis in Libya was agreed upon by three other parties, saying the vision also includes having a constitutional referendum before going to elections.

"House of Representatives is responsible for the deterioration of country's conditions as it didn't approve the Skhirat political agreement, indicating that his party didn't sign on the final agreement in Skhirat due to the Presidential Council's formation being chosen by former UN envoy Bernrdino Leon.