Social media activists in the eastern city of Derna called for demonstrations on next Friday in Al-Sahaba Square downtown the city in order to protest the deteriorating living conditions and demand reform as well as change.

These calls come after the deteriorating living conditions in the city and accusations of corruption and theft against the city municipal council's officials, not to mention the fact that garbage is piling up on the city's streets.

According to local sources from Derna, tension and anger are prevailing in the city, especially after the circulation of a photo of the valley in the city showing the flooding of sewage.

Social media activists  circulated a photo of the valley in the center of the city; an area where the Derna Valley meets the sea, showing the flooding of sewage as a result of neglect of infrastructure repairing work.

The residents of Derna also accused their municipal council of corruption and of illegally sharing an amount of 400 million dinars among them, adding that the money had been allocated for the reconstruction of the city, saying that such a theft left the city in a miserable state.

Since the control of Khalifa Haftar's forces of Derna in 2018, the city has witnessed a state of general neglect, looting of property, and security chaos, just like other cities under the control of Haftar.

According to Human Rights Watch, Haftar's forces have brutally kidnapped and imprisoned hundreds of Derna residents as well as illegally demolished and seized the houses of the displaced people.