The draft constitution is the only way out of the dark tunnel, the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) said in a statement to mark the 6th anniversary of the adoption of the draft constitution on Wednesday.

The CDA renewed its strong condemnation of efforts to obstruct the referendum process, which it said enables Libyans to express their opinion in the constitutional document.

"The draft approved by the Commission on July 27, 2017, is the first constitutional document in the history of Libya to be approved by an elected national body with free will, according to clearly defined requirements in the Interim Constitutional Declaration, and without tutelage or interference from any foreign party," the CDA said.

The group accused the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and the international community of obstructing the referendum process on the draft constitution, which it deemed the road to establishing a true democracy in Libya.

They said the referendum was a long-standing demand for the international community, led by the United Nations, as well as many Libyan actors who insisted that the political process must be based on the freely expressed will of the people.

"When the constitutional roadmap reached the endpoint, which is the referendum on a project approved by the elected constituent assembly, things appeared as they are."

The search for a solution for the Libyan people and supporting its implementation, which only goes through the ballot boxes and referendums, was not among the objectives of the UN mission, the statement explained. 

It said the UN mission had been attempting to steer the successive transitional stages to destinations other than stability, unity, and peaceful transfer of power.

The CDA stressed that the draft constitution that it prepared six years ago was approved by an unprecedented reinforced majority.

Obstructing the referendum and preventing the Libyans from approving a constitution for their country was due to dangerous, illegal, and unprecedented paths drawn from previous experiences that were introduced to the constitutional map and hindered access to the desired goal, the bloc added.