A child named Mohammed Naji Al-Ghweil was killed as a result of armed clashes between outlaws in Al-Fassi area in the city of Al-Zawiya, west of Libya.

A source in Al-Zawiya said that the child was hit by two bullets in the head and foot while he was in his house, adding that he was transferred to a hospital and admitted to intensive care, before his death was announced at a later time.

The source explained that the clashes stopped immediately after the child was reported injured, as a number of casualties was reported among both sides without any available accurate numbers. 

These clashes came about a month after fighting broke out in the city between two armed factions, which then led to the closure of the coastal road.

Afterwards, calm descended on the city, but no clarifications were issued by the official authorities regarding the nature of the clashes and the reasons for their outbreak.

Al-Zawiya suffers from major security chaos and witnesses frequent clashes between armed groups, some of which belong to official institutions in the government.