Local sources from the city of Al-Zawiya reported that armed clashes occurred in which various types of weapons were used, leading to the closure of the coastal road near the Harsha Bridge.

According to the sources, the clashes broke out after two people affiliated to what is known as the “First Support Force of Al-Zawiya” were exposed to gunfire on the coastal road by a gunman belonging to an armed group affiliated with the Awlad Saqr tribe, one of the largest tribes of Al-Zawiya. As a result, one of them was killed directly, while the other died later in the hospital. 

The sources added that affiliates of the two dead men clashed with the shooter, which led to the shooter being seriously injured, after which armed groups loyal to both sides closed the coastal road and local roads, displaying heavy weapons.

While the sources did not confirm the reasons for killing the two people, they suggested that it was a revenge operation for one of the murders that the city witnessed in mid-2022, most of which remained unsolved, with the murderers still at large and enjoying the protection of their powerful armed groups.