Elders and civil society organizations in Ubari Municipality, south of Libya, have demanded that Foreign Minister Najla Al-Manqoush be dismissed and referred to investigation on the backdrop of her secret meeting with Eli Cohen, the Foreign Minister of the Israeli occupying state, last week in Italy.

On August 27th, Eli Cohen revealed the news of his "closed-door" meeting with Al-Manqoush sparking an outpouring of anger across Libya.

The group from Ubari warned the government against "tampering with and violating the principles of the Libyan people."

Laws in Libya make it illegal to normalize ties with Israel even as leaders of other countries in the region seek to build economic and security ties with the occupation government in Palestine.

"The Palestinian cause is in the hearts of all Libyans," the group underscored, stressing that Libyan people will continue to support their brothers in Palestine at all levels.

They further called for tighter legislation and laws prohibiting interaction with the Zionist entity, which they said had breached Islamic sacred land.

Libya has maintained a firm anti-Israel stance throughout the previous rulers, as well as at the grassroots levels. A survey by the research network Arab Barometer in 2021-2022 showed that only seven per cent of Libyans favoured Arab states normalizing relations with Israel.