Civil society organizations in Ubari southwest of Libya have denounced the attack against the town, which was carried out by Haftar's militias a few days ago.

Activists of young men and women from various social components of Ubari affirmed in a statement on Tuesday their categorical rejection of any attempts to undermine the civil peace among the southern society.

"We firmly reject attempts to undermine civil peace and social harmony to achieve political agendas or regional and tribal goals," the statement read.

The activists stressed adherence to dialogue as the only option to resolve all controversial issues, and in this context, they expressed support for the Libyan dialogue led by the United Nations and a permanent ceasefire.

The statement called on civil society institutions and all "good" people to intensify efforts in order to end sedition and consolidate the values ​​of peace and coexistence among fellow countrymen.

It is noteworthy that a militia affiliated with Haftar attacked last Sunday Ubari in an attempt to overtake the "Tendy" military camp of the Government of National Accord forces.

Around 50 vehicles stormed the oasis town in the early hours of dawn, causing alarm and terror among the families.