A source from the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) said the shutdown of Istiklal field of Sirte Oil Operations Company due to the lack of storage of liquid substances of gas following the halt of oil supplies to ports will lead to stopping 60 million cubic liters of gas supply to eastern region’s power plants, thus depriving the network of 600 megawatts and leading to more hours of power load shedding.

GECOL announced in a statement that stopping gas supplies from Istiklal field will reduce the amount of gas required to operate the North Benghazi and Zueitina power plants, which caused stoppage at the generation capacity of the power plants in the eastern region to  of the network.

GECOL said in its statement that it has been facing a number of challenges and difficulties for years that prevent the accomplishment of its work, which negatively affected the performance of the power network, citing the  "persistent gas dilemma,” urging people to understand the reality of the current situation, and to cooperate in rationalizing energy consumption, so that the flow of gas can be resumed at levels that ensure the operation of all units with all their production capacity.