The Head of the Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, has called on Libyan women for more active engagement in public domain, run for elections, and express their opinions independently. He also announced the designation of an award for Libyan women.

During his participation in a forum to commemorate the National Day of Libyan Women in the city of Misurata on Wednesday, Dbeibah said, he noticed that women are shunning away from the political sphere. 

"It is necessary to engage in all forms, express an opinion on public issues and run for municipal and parliamentary elections, and even for presidential elections” he added.

He called on women to be independent in their opinion, because they have lived the reality and suffered, and they should not allow anyone to confiscate their political decision, according to his speech, reported by ‘Our Government Platform’ on Facebook.

He pointed out that his government had designated a national day for women, and that he had established a prestigious annual award, that is ‘Libyan Women's Award’, noting that it would be awarded annually to distinguished women in all fields.

He talked about the government's work in support of women, whether through measures that included all Libyans in general, such as the Unified Salary Scale, raising the minimum wage, or through special measures such as increasing security pensions for female contractors, starting social insurance, and disbursing wife and children’s allowances.

Dbeibah also called on women to go to the private sector, saying that it is the winning sector, saying: "Today there are many businesswomen who have ventured into business and market.” Urging them to ’Go to the private sector and abandon the public one."