The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) announced the participation of 30 female police officers in a training program organized by the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) to enhance their knowledge of ways to address violence directed at women in elections.

The UNDP explained on its Facebook page on Sunday that women represented 50% of registered voters, and therefore participants were trained to identify and address election-related violence against women, in line with national legislation and international human rights standards.

Five female police officers received training on the eMonitor+ platform, a tool designed to enhance the integrity of electoral processes in Libya, to effectively address this issue, as part of a joint mechanism between the Ministry of Interior of the Government of National Unity and the HNEC.

The Director of the Relations Department of the Women’s Affairs Office in the Ministry of the Interior, Diyala Al-Ghweil, stressed the importance of establishing complaints offices aimed at combating election-related violence against women, adding that these offices would facilitate access to law enforcement agencies and enhance women’s confidence in the electoral process. 

The UNDP says that it is providing, along with the United Nations electoral support team, technical assistance to prepare the HNEC for conducting comprehensive and credible elections for all Libyans.