Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah presented his vision for a political solution during a meeting with 27 ambassadors representing Arab, African, and Islamic countries in Libya. 

In his address, Dbeibah welcomed the return of embassies to operate from Tripoli, which he believes will foster integration and cooperation with various countries through the active engagement of their embassies and direct communication with different Libyan institutions, enhancing bilateral relations. 

According to the Hakomitna platform, the PM clarified the political vision of his government, supporting the efforts of UN envoy Abdullah Bathily through conducting fair elections under just and transparent laws. 

He reiterated Libya's support for regional efforts and their unification to stabilize Sudan and defuse its crisis through Arab and African initiatives. D

Dbeibah reaffirmed Libya's position on the situation in the Gaza Strip and its support for the Palestinian cause.

The meeting also discussed issues related to visa grants, opening new flight routes to Arab and Islamic countries, and the need for embassies to facilitate challenges in these service-related matters.

 The session grouped ambassadors from Bahrain, Algeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia, Congo, Turkey, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Eritrea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Conakry, Chad, Bangladesh, Benin, Comoros, and Pakistan.