Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibah honoured Munir Al-Burki on Monday for handing over a rare archaeological piece to the Department of Antiquities. 

According to the Hakomitna platform, the archaeological piece is a marble head of the second son of the Roman Emperor of Libyan origin, Septimius Severus, named "Geta". 

The piece holds high historical value as it is one of the rare artefacts of "Geta" that survived the destruction carried out by his older brother, Emperor Caracalla, in his quest to monopolize power, which ended with the killing of "Geta" in 217 AD.

Hakomitna quoted the head of the Department of Antiquities, Mohammed Faraj, saying that the artefact handed over by Al-Burki is one of the most essential pieces that will be displayed in the National Museum.

Dbeibah praised Al-Burki for his initiative, appreciating his awareness of the importance and high historical value of these artefacts. He also highlighted the necessity of preserving and displaying them in the National Museum as part of the nation's memory.