The Head of the Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, has warned; "We will not allow fighting to break out again, and we will take hard decisions against security and military who tamper with the lives of civilians."

During his meeting with notables and elders of the Suk al-Juma, Dbeibah called on all parties to devote efforts and rely on themselves in creating a positive spirit within the capital, stressing that the world would not take the country seriously.

He said that he had received from foreign parties messages of support and others “maliciously rejoice” indirectly, stressing that the world, foremost the United States and Russia, would not offer Libya anything but statements of condemnation.

Referring to the international community's lack of interest in what is happening in Libya, Dbeibah said: "We must learn a lesson from what is happening in Sudan. We do not want such a scenario to happen again in Libya."

In the context of his talk about global affairs, Dbeibah voiced his categorical rejection of any external interference in the country, stressing that Libya will not interfere in any external conflict, including border countries such as Sudan.

Dbeibah added that the Government of National Unity has only provided humanitarian support to Sudan after the conflict broke out there, however, he revealed that a Libyan party, provided military support to one of the warring parties in northern Sudan.