The Emergency Medicine and Support Center said that it received on Saturday a number of doctors and specialists in a number of fields to treat those injured as a result of the recent clashes in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

The Center said on its Facebook page that a medical team consisting of consultant doctors specializing in orthopedic surgery, spinal injuries, and other procedures came from Egypt to treat the injured persons.

It also confirmed that it had received, on Saturday, a medical team coming from Spain to Tripoli to treat the injured period, saying they were specialized in general, plastic and orthopedic surgery.

Air Ambulance Service, in cooperation with the Emergency Medicine and Support Center, announced two additional flights for six injured persons in need of intensive care. It said they took off from Misrata Airport. 

The Center also announced the transfer of 35 cases requiring healthcare outside the country, bringing the total number of injured to about 40; without specifying the destination, while The Center's spokesman, Malek Marseet, announced an initial death toll from the recent clashes of 55 kills and 146 injuries.