The Libyan Foreign Ministry announced Monday that Delegation of the European Union to Libya will soon resume work from Tripoli after over three years since it had left following the clashes in the capital in 2014.

The announcement came in a meeting for Libyan FM, Mohammed Sayala and the Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Libya Bettina Muscheidt and her companions in Tripoli.

The Libyan foreign ministry said in a statement that Muscheidt had stated after the meeting that they will resume work in Tripoli soon in the field of borders' control, giving no specific date for the return.

"There is coordination with the Libyan ministries including interior and justice ministries, especially after the extension of the EU delegation till December 2018." Muscheidt explained, according to the Libyan foreign ministry.

She added that there will be some project to be implemented to help Libyans, especially children, besides coordinating with the concerned authorities in the field of fighting illegal immigration, which concerns Libya and the EU.

Recent recovery in security conditions in Tripoli encouraged several embassies to return and work from the capital, such as Italian embassy, Turkish embassy, and the Dutch embassy that opened a diplomatic post in the capital to pave the way for a full comeback of its embassy, not to mention that the UK's embassy said earlier that it will soon reopen its embassy in Tripoli.