War on Khalifa Haftar and his militias is still ongoing, Derna Shura Council has stated.

"The war is on despite the lack of support that we have." Derna Shura Council added in a statement Saturday.

It stressed that what is keeping their fight against Haftar and his forces alive is the backup of the residents in Derna and their rejection of the military coup.

"Our council doesn't follow the agenda of any political party in Libya as it is not a part of the conflicting political parties in the country." Derna Shura Council reaffirmed.

"No party or individual is allowed to use our name inside or outside Libya without a formal letter signed by the council's head." It explained.

It also expressed utter rejection for any political standpoint or vision that can make the country get astray away from the February revolution or harm it in any way.

"We only follow the Libyan Fatwa House that is headed by the Libyan Mufti, Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani." The council reiterated.

The statement of the council clarified that the only goal the council has is to protect February revolution and the city as well as the residents, let alone helping Libya's revolutionaries, especially in Benghazi, given the amount of crimes and inhumanity they are facing.