The First Dialogue Committee for Women in the Western Region expressed its support for the roadmap set for the preparatory phase of a comprehensive solution in Libya.

In a statement, the committee stressed the necessity to implement transitional justice that would preserve the unity of the state and its capital, Tripoli, and guarantee the representation of women in all senior positions.

They called for more engagement of women in politics and demanded that female's representation in leadership positions should not be less than 30%, with the expertise and competence as guiding factors for appointing any official.

The committee reiterated their support to hold elections on December 24 and called for establishing a constitutional base to end the transitional stages while postponing the constitutional referendum until after the interim phase.

Regarding the ceasefire process and the work of the 5 + 5 committee the participants said they are expecting more from the committee in terms of empowering women, demanding to be part of the committee as peacebuilders and influential in their society.

In conclusion, the committee called on members of the Political Dialogue Forum in Tunisia to reject the dispute and uphold the interest of Libya, reiterating support for the Economic Committee's efforts, while calling for more steps to involve women and youth in supporting monetary policies.