Reconstruction work at the Tripoli International Airport will begin after Eid al-Fitr holiday, Minister of Transport Muhammad al-Shahoubi and the Chief of the General Staff, Muhammad al-Haddad, confirmed in a joint statement.

The first stage will include a comprehensive survey of the airport's land conducted by the Military Engineering Department of the Ministry of Defence to detect and remove explosives, mines, and remnants of war, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, the Airports Authority indicated that the announcement was made during a meeting with Al-Shahoubi and Al-Haddad on the sidelines of their visit to the airport.

The officials reviewed the work plan, the mechanism for its implementation, and the time frame set for finalizing the project, according to the Airports Authority, noting that specialists from the Military Engineering Department were also present at the meeting.

After completing the survey operations, the Ministry of Transport will permit companies to start implementing the contracts, which include the construction of the passenger terminal, the maintenance of the helipad, the aircraft parking lot, and the maintenance and equipping of the air control tower, besides other construction work necessary to operate the airport.