An English consultations office team arrived in the city of Zliten on Friday to study the phenomenon of rising groundwater levels in the city.

According to Hakomitna media platform, this visit comes in implementation of Prime Minister's instructions regarding the use of local and international expertise to research solutions and deal with the crisis in Zliten.

The Director of Project Management at the Ministry of Local Government, Mohammed Ben Naji, said on Saturday that the office team has not set a date for the completion of its study on the rise in groundwater levels.

Ben Naji accompanied the English team since its arrival in Zliten, on Friday, to inspect the rise in groundwater levels and the damaged homes, according to a statement issued by the ministry.

He explained that a closed session was held after the tour, in the presence of the mayor, members of the municipal council, and a number of specialists, asking the experts a number of questions and inquiries about the time the study will take, and ways to analyze the water to ensure that it does not affect human health.

The English team confirmed that it needed to collect data about the nature of the city and know the water sources in preparation for starting its work, and did not specify the expected time period to reach results, according to Ben Naji.

Zliten is suffering from a rise in groundwater levels, so the Government of National Unity formed a team to find a solution to the crisis that caused residents to leave their homes and affected the foundations of homes, amid the continued attempt to pump out water by the Public Services Company.