After the Government of National Unity (GNU) retracted its refusal to accredit Italian diplomat Nicola Orlando as ambassador to the European Union, the European External Action Office's spokesman, Peter Stano, confirmed on Monday, saying that the announcement of the Head of the European mission in Tripoli would be made "at the appropriate time."

Peter Stano said in a press briefing in Brussels that diplomacy was a profession that was not practiced on microphones, but discreetly and confidentially, adding: "We will announce the new rotation of ambassadors, including our mission in Tripoli, at the appropriate after completing all the necessary procedures."

On Sunday, the Libyan ambassador to Rome, Muhannad Younis, confirmed Orlando's approval by the GNU, whose rejection would have paved the way for French diplomat Patrick Simone to take the job. 

Orlando was the Italian special envoy to Libya and previously served as his country's ambassador to Kosovo.