European Union Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EUBAM) said the EU and EUBAM will look into providing Tripoli-based assistance and training to the Border Guards and to other Libyan border agencies to secure Libyan borders all over the country.

EUBAM said the Libyan Ministry of Interior requested the EU to support the creation of the Joint Police Force to monitor the implementation of the ceasefire agreement, which would be formed by security forces from both sides of the former East-West divide, working together, and would be an important step in showing the feasibility of reunifying Libya’s splintered security apparatus.

"The Ministry of Justice invited EUBAM to take part in the preparations for an international conference on transitional justice that it will host in a couple of months. In response to other requests from the Ministry, EUBAM is looking into providing support to the Judicial Police and penitentiary legislation, building on the experiences of other CSDP Missions providing similar support in post conflict environments." EUBAM added.

It explained that most of Libya’s over (4300 Kms) of land borders run through sparsely populated and poorly delineated areas of the Sahara Desert; the complex challenges there include human trafficking, irregular migration, smuggling, organised crime and terrorism.