The family of Ibrahim Jodran - a former oil baron in Libya - has been arrested by the Tripoli Special Deterrent Force (SDF) sources from the capital said, adding that they were released after efforts exerted in that regard by the UNSMIL and Magharba tribe's elders in Tripoli.

Ibrahim Jodran is a former chief of central region's oil facilities guard who was responsible for the closure of oil terminals in Libya for over two years.

Jodran filed last Monday a lawsuit at the International Criminal Court saying he lost contact with his family after they had disappeared from their residence in Tripoli, accusing SDF of forced disappearances and abduction of his family members.

Meanwhile, the former mayor of Ajdabiya and brother of Ibrahim, Salim Jodran, confirmed Friday that the family members (of Ibrahim and his other brother Faris) were freed.

"They have been released after mediation with the SDF calling for freeing of women and children." Salim Jodran added, saying the SDF had previously conditioned the release with the surrender of Ibrahim Jodran to them.

However, the SDF in Tripoli denied detaining Jodran's family and its spokesman said that such an accusation is untrue.

An armed group stormed into an apartment in downtown Tripoli and arrested the family members of Faris and Ibrahim Jodran as well as some relatives before they had been released Friday without any details and any claim of responsibility for the incident by any party.