Family of Mahmoud Al-Werfalli, who is wanted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC), called for his immediate release.

Al-Werfalli is a commander of Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled army’s Saiqa Force.

“The arrest of Mahmoud is serious and unacceptable as he had put his life on the line for Dignity Operation while other cities were backing up terrorism. And now the heroes like Mahmoud who fought for Dignity Operation are put in prison,” Al-Werfalli’s family said in a statement.

“We reject the ICC arrest warrant for our son who was fighting terrorism while ICC did not move along.” The statement reads.

The family accused Turkey, Qatar, Sudan and Tunisia of supporting radical groups in Libya.

Gunmen from Saiqa Force blocked a number of main roads in east and west Benghazi including airport road and went on protests Monday calling for Al-Werfalli’s release along with other Saiqa Force members jailed by Haftar’s forces over being part of the riots against Haftar lately.

Meanwhile, the commander of Special Tasks Force of Dignity Operation, Wanis Bukhamada, who was under house arrest, reopened the roads and disowned all those Saiqa Force fighters who organized the riots and any person who destabilizes Benghazi.