The Foreign Ministry has called on the Security Council to take deterrent decisions against Haftar's attacks on civilians, following the airstrike that hit Al-Furnaj area killing and injuring civilians, including women and children.

The ministry added in a letter addressed to the Presidency of the Security Council that each day passes without the council taking a firm decision to deter and curb the aggressor will inevitably generate unforeseeable consequences that will have a disastrous impact on the humanitarian situation in the entire region.

The letter reads "Haftar's forces crossed the line by bombing the populated Al-Furnaj area in the centre of the capital Tripoli, killing and injuring civilians, including children and women, as well as terrorizing the residents".

"Haftar's militias are blatantly violating the UN Security Council resolutions of International Human Rights Law by its aggression on Tripoli, killing hundreds, injuring thousands, and displacing entire areas," the ministry added.

"The Security Council must face its historic responsibilities in fulfilling its duty to maintain international peace and security and to implement its previous commitments to the Libyan people," the ministry insisted.

An aircraft belonging to Haftar's militias raided Al-Furnaj district - a densely populated neighbourhood central Tripoli- on Monday, causing the deaths of three children from one family, and injuring the mother and another child.

A child was also killed on Sunday after a shell landed in front of their house in Salah al-Din neighbourhood, as a result of indiscriminate shelling by Haftar's militias in the area.