Khaid Al-Tawati

The Libyan General National Maritime Transport Company (GNMTC) announced Monday that it would enter into an open sit-in and halt work if the enforced disappearance of its Executive Director Khaid Al-Tawati continued.

GNMTC said it had regretted the failure of the government and security agencies to respond quickly in communicating with the company regarding the kidnapping of the Director, describing the incident as "a forced kidnapping at gunpoint on Sunday while he was leaving the workplace, and it was witnessed by many people." 

The statement on behalf of the company's employees called on all security authorities to assume their responsibilities and quickly reveal the Director's whereabouts and release him, adding that they had no objection to take legal measures in accordance with the legislation in force and human rights.

The GNMTC said on Sunday that an unidentified armed group driving 3 civilian cars forcibly intercepted Al-Tawati on the road, when he was leaving the company's headquarters. It considered that the kidnapping harmed the reputation of the GNMTC and its relationship with its clients and customers inside Libya and abroad, which constituted a real threat to the GNMTC that had remained far from disputes and conflicts.