Germany has asked for a new emergency session on Thursday at the UN Security Council to discuss Libya's status quo.

Diplomats said Germany's call comes after the failure of member states to agree on a UK-drafted resolution that was circulated two days ago calling for immediate ceasefire and return to political process.

On Monday, diplomatic sources said the UK resolution called on all sides to cooperate with the UNSMIL and its Head Ghassan Salame to reach a ceasefire across Libya.

The meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday failed to reach a consensus among member states regarding the final wording of the resolutions drafted by the UK.

According to sources, Russia hindered the consensus as it rejected naming Khalifa Haftar's forces as "attacking Tripoli" and insisted, along with other countries, that there shouldn't be a call for return to previous positions, but only a ceasefire with both sides remaining where they are now.