The United Nations Security Council will hold in April its bimonthly briefing on the situation in Libya and the UN envoy to Libya Abdoulaye Bathily will brief the Security Council on recent political, security, and humanitarian developments in the country and the Secretary-General’s latest report on UNSMIL. 

Security Council Report website said that the chair of the 1970 Libya Sanctions Committee, Ambassador Yamazaki Kazuyuki of Japan, will also brief on the committee’s activities. 

The Security Council members are likely to reiterate their call on Libyan actors to partake in good faith negotiations to finally achieve consensus on outstanding political issues. 

In this regard, some members may stress the importance of fully engaging with Bathily’s mediation efforts and caution against competing initiatives that fail to deliver tangible progress toward elections, thereby prolonging the status quo. 

They might also welcome the AU-supported reconciliation conference in April as an important milestone that could help facilitate political agreement. The Council could consider adopting a presidential statement delivering these messages.   

Council members remain united on the need for a Libyan-led, inclusive political process resulting in elections that will help to restore political, security, and economic stability to the country. They also remain broadly supportive of the UN’s mediation role in this regard, according to the website.