The mayor of Gharyan Yousif Bdairi said the municipal council has told the Presidential Council's Head Fayez Al-Sirraj urging him to announce the city a disaster area after the forces of Khalifa Haftar seized on April 04.

The mayor told reporters on Sunday that they are trying to transfer the location of the municipality to Tripoli and then form a committee to monitor the displaced people's conditions as well as those of the injured, adding that things are getting worse in the city.

"There is a lack of medicines, foods, and cooking gas let alone the fact that Haftar's forces are taking all the fuel coming into the city." The mayor remarked.

He also said that the displaced families are growing in number day in and day out after orders for arrest of some residents came from Haftar's forces, not to mention the provocative conduct of Haftar's forces in the city.

Parliament members and activists from the city met last Saturday with the UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame in Tripoli and sent via him a letter to the UN Secretary General speaking of the miserable conditions Gharyan is suffering from after the entry of Haftar's forces on April 04, using it henceforth a takeoff point for attacking Tripoli.