President of GNC Nuri Abu Sahmain has called on the UN to stand against foreign intervention in Libya and to support GNC forces in their war against terrorism. 

In a letter addressed to UN's Ban Ki-moon on Monday, Abu Sahmain condemned all forms of terrorism and declared war against Daesh/IS in Sirte and Derna.

"We invite the UN to assess situations in Libya and in particular the issue of combating terrorists." He said.

He disclosed that the IS terrorists in Sirte and Derna have links with Khalifa Haftar's forces in coordination with former regime elements in Egypt, in reference to a video recording of Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, cousin of slain dictator, on an Egyptian TV early this year, in which he praised Daesh fighters and called for the establishment of IS state.

Abu Sahmain hailed in his letter the UN efforts to prevail peace and stability in Libya, reiterating his call for a peaceful solution to Libya's crisis.