A group of MPs have criticised British Ambassador Caroline Hurndall after telling Aljazeera Live that she would continue to work with the Government of National unity as it came to power under a consensus process.

The MPs said her statement was an intervention in internal affairs and a violation of Libyan sovereignty.

"The British ambassador, Caroline Hurndall forgot that the consensual context that she referred to, gained its legitimacy from the House of Representatives, which is the same that approved the Bashagha government," a statement by the group of MPs said.

They accused her of bias towards a party and an attempt to impose a fait accompli by force.

The group recalled some of her activities, which they said show increasing interference in Libyan affairs, besides the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates.

They warned that they would take further steps against all ambassadors and envoys who exceed the limits of their diplomatic duties, as they put it.

The House of Representatives had previously declared the British ambassador a persona non grata.

The House's remarks coincide with Fathi Bashagha's statements, in which he confirmed that he would cut all ties with the British Embassy under the current ambassador's leadership before retreating from his comments.