Khalifa Haftan has asked the United States, in a letter sent to Washington, for international intervention in Libya to prevent the arrival of weapons to the Government of National Accord (GNA), as well as telling the US that he won't negotiate with Turkey, Saudi-Emirati Al-Arabiya TV said.

The TV channel said Haftar's letter to the US requested international monitoring of land and sea borders to disallow the arrival of weapons to the internationally recognized GNA, especially from Turkey.

"We won't sit down with Turkey in any upcoming negotiations and we want the mercenaries and militias to withdraw and be prohibited from joining any state institutions as GNA is planning." The letter says.

Haftar appeared in a video on Sunday addressing his fighters - extremist salafists - and called them patriots and pious, urging them to fight the "new Turkish invasion in Libya," and said salafists had been wronged a bit within his forces because they are the means to eliminate "the occupation of Libya by the Turks".