The self-proclaimed general command of Dignity Operation led by Khalifa Haftar in eastern Libya voiced a warm welcome to the news of freeing Moamar Gaddafi's son, Saif Al-Islam, from Zintan.

Dignity Operation's spokesman, Ahmed Al-Mismari, said on TV on Saturday that Saif Gaddafi is now free as per the amnesty law.

"He is outside Zintan city now and he can take part in any political process if no legal hindrances existed to obstruct that." Al-Mismari remarked.

However, inside Zintan itself, calls of rejection to the release of Saif Gaddafi were very loud and clear, slamming the step as a betrayal of the martyrs' sacrifices.

Military council of Zintan and its municipality had both voiced objection and condemnation of freeing Saif Al-Islam under the pretext of an amnesty law.

"The release was not legal, it is a clear evidence that the city's elders council is an accomplice in this incident with Abu Bakir Al-Siddiq Brigade." The two councils said in a joint statement on Sunday.

They demanded all the individuals who helped make this release happen be placed under investigation.

Zintan tribes also issued a statement slamming the move of the elders council, which they said aimed at political gains, as a starter for more devision all because it did not abide by calls of Zintanis to keep Saif Gaddafi imprisoned.

Such a rush to comment and issue statements from within Zintan itself reflects an inexplicable shock that maybe was not expected by the leader of Abu Bakir Al-Siddiq Brigade, Al-Ajami Al-Atibi, who is a staunch follower of Haftar.

Freeing Saif Gaddafi, who has been held in Zintan for 7 years, by Abu Bakir Al-Siddiq Brigade has been obviously a clandestine act as the brigade announced it to the public one day after it had happened, stressing that Saif was outside Zintan.

Unofficial reports started speculating that Saif Al-Islam is now in the eastern region, while some others reported he went to Ubari in the south and several other reports said he went either to Bani Walid city or outside Libya to Algeria.