The commander of the self-styled army in eastern Libya, Khalifa Haftar, has ordered the Head of the Interim Government Abdullah Al-Thinni to include the General Authority for Injured fighters Affairs of the Armed Forces to the prime ministry so the troubles facing the injured from his “army” can be resolved.

In a letter to Al-Thinni, Haftar said this comes as there is a need for the committees tackling these issues to be specialized in the matter and to use the Interim Government’s work in EU circles to help treat the injured fighters, reported Haftar’s command media office.

“We have done all we could to tackle the injured fighters’ treatment and so did the Interim Government so they can return to normal life routines, however; such an issue need medical committees working under the supervision of the Health Ministry.” Haftar said.

“Previous committees had some problems and circumstances that deprived them from contacting specialized countries for the medical treatment of the injured fighters. Those countries have specialized centers for the injuries of our fighters and to do that we needed medical committees to obtain admissions of the patients then supervise them through the treatment.

The issue of the Fighters of Haftar’s self-styled army who were wounded in fighting in Derna and Benghazi as well as oil crescent region in the recent years is a pressing issue for Haftar’s command nowadays.

Tens of injured fighters from the self-styled army of Haftar took to the streets in Benghazi recently and blocked the roads in protest of negligence by Haftar toward their health issues.