Khalifa Haftar's Air Force fighter jets carried out Thursday an airstrike on Zuwara Airport - 120 km to west of Tripoli - hitting the runway and claiming targeting the airport for its use by Turkish drones.

Haftar's forces claims for Zuwara Airport were denied by Burkan Al-Ghadab Operation, which posted photos showing the shrapnel of Haftar's Haftar forces' missiles falling on the runway.

Zuwara Airport is being used by the UNSMIL for flying inside and outside Libya and was shut lately by the Transportation Ministry then reopened in a matter of two days.

Meanwhile, Haftar's artillery shelling also targeted on Thursday Mitiga Airport in Tripoli, killing one person and injuring another.

The airport shut down air traffic and suspended flights with some redirected to Misrata Airport for over 10 hours and then resumed flights in the evening.

Haftar's forces also hit, using a UAE drone, a field hospital in Al-Aziziya in southern Tripoli, leaving behind injuries among both medical staffers and civilians.

According to the spokesman for the Health Ministry, six people had been injured - four civilians and two military personnel - in the strikes against Al-Aziziya field hospital, which also suffered massive damage.