The Prime Minister designated by the House of Representatives, Osama Hammad, called on all judicial, auditing and supervisory authorities to expedite the application of the letter of the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya addressed to the Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity - in which he spoke about the reasons for the rise in foreign currency exchange under the umbrella of accountability and investigation of everyone who committed crimes against the people of Libya and its future generations.

Hammad stressed the need to reveal the entity responsible for the spending from unknown sources, which Al-Siddiq Al-Kabir spoke about in his letter to Dbeibah, indicating that the practices of the Government of National Unity which he described as “expired,” were wrong and had caused the deterioration of the living conditions, in addition to causing severe damage to the national economy and a rise in foreign exchange rates against the local currency.

Hammad said that his government was and is still working in accordance with the legislation in force, and is committed to the law approving the state’s general budget issued by the House of Representatives. He pointed out that the responses by Dbeibah saying that the imbalance that struck the Libyan economy was due to bank credits were nothing but weak arguments to evade responsibility.

Hammad called on the Central Bank not to avoid responsibility for the deterioration of economic conditions in all areas, as it is the body responsible for implementing exchange orders issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Government of National Unity.