Deputy Prime Minister/ Minister of Health Ramadan Abu Janah has urged healthcare institutions to adhere to the General People's Committee decision regarding the treatment of Palestinians residing in Libya, granting them the same rights as citizens.

This directive was conveyed through a letter addressed to directors of public and private hospitals and healthcare facilities across regions.

The letter highlighted complaints received by the Ministry of Health from Palestinian workers in the healthcare sector regarding specific difficulties they face, particularly concerning medical treatment and residency.

It is worth noting that both the Government of National Unity and the eastern-based parallel government activated Decision 49 of 1990 in October 2023, which dictates that Palestinians residing in Libya should be treated as citizens and enjoy all rights of Libyan nationals.

These rights include "the right to reside, obtain necessary permits to practice professions or trades, and other activities, the right to free education and healthcare, exemption from fees for issuing registration cards, exit and entry fees related to commercial registry and licenses.