The member of the High Council of State (HCS) Abdulmajeed Al-Shawish, said in a press statement that the HCS will hold an official session on Monday to decide whether to accept or reject the invitation made by the Presidential Council to the Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) and the HCS to meet in Ghadames on January 11.

Al-Shawish added that more than 15 members of the HCS submitted a request to the HCS presidency to vote on accepting the invitation issued by the Presidential Council, and stated in their request that it was based on the HCS bylaws and in the interest of Libyan sovereignty; urging for giving priority to dialogues inside Libya.

A number of HCS members said in statements they made to the media regarding the invitation of the Presidential Council that there's no need for the Presidential Council’s initiative in light of daily direct communication between them with a degree of confidence, stressing that the two chambers won't accept internal or external mediation because there is no justification for it.

One of the HCS members added that everyone is beating around the problem, including the Presidential Council, without providing radical solutions, saying that the Presidential Council (PC) is weak and cannot solve this dilemma.

Meanwhile, the media advisor to the Speaker of the HoR, Fathi Al-Maryami, said that the HoR has not yet responded to the invitation of the Presidential Council due to the travel of Speaker Aqila Saleh outside the country.

Speaking to Libya Al-Ahrar TV, Al-Maryami expected Saleh to accept the participation in the meeting in Ghadames, stressing HoR's intention to proceed with the constitutional track discussions with the HCS through the two concerned committees. He said that their work would be directly referred to the High National Elections Commission.