The Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Aqial Saleh said Friday that he had a conversation on the phone with Mohammed Takala, congratulating him on being elected as Head of High Council of State. 

Saleh said in an interview with Russia Today channel that he had urged Takala to continue communication with the House of Representatives in order to reach a consensus to reach parliamentary and presidential elections.

He expressed his readiness for understanding and communication in order to work together to get Libya out of this crisis, saying the High Council of State will consider the HoR's observations on election laws, which are acceptable and cannot be disputed.

Saleh stressed the need for a single government to supervise the upcoming elections and said they were still waiting for the consensus mechanism with the High Council of State for forming the new government.

He also confirmed that the agreement with the High Council of State "continues, and we are at the end of legislation for electoral laws," pointing out that it will be ready from the legal side before the end of August.